Dear residents: As you heard from President Garimella, the University remote instruction will continue for the remainder of the semester. Because of the global public health challenge we all are facing, the President has decided that the responsible course of action is to ask our students who are currently on campus to leave campus by March 30. For those who did not return to campus after Spring Break, we need you to remain in your current location since our residence halls are effectively closed at this time.
In light of the existing trends of COVID-19 cases in Vermont and in our local community, we have a responsibility to ensure the health and wellness of our students and staff remaining on campus. This means minimizing the number of individuals on campus.  Clearing the residence halls protects all of you, and better protects the staff who need to remain on campus to service those in the residence halls.

What does this mean for Housing?

  • Students who are currently living on campus have received a separate e-mail with instructions on our emergency housing request process, including the criteria for approval.
  • Retrieval of Personal Belongings: Our residence halls are currently closed until further notice. Items in rooms will remain secured, and we encourage you to use the Essential Items Form located on myHousing to request items essential to your learning.
  • Move-Out Process: We are working towards developing a coordinated move-out process that promotes the safety of students, families, and staff. This requires close coordination of staff and campus partners as well as acquiring resources and materials currently in short supply. We are aiming for a move-out timeline that will occur in phases starting close to the end of the semester, beginning with our local students. We will be in touch with further details in the coming weeks.

What about Housing and Meal Credits?

  • The University will be issuing credit related to meals and housing.
    • Housing refunds of $1,000 will be issued during the first week of April to those students who leave their residence halls by March 30, even if their belongings remain on campus.  Students approved for emergency housing will not be eligible for this credit.
    • Meal plan credits are individualized and therefore more complicated to calculate.  This will take more time.  Please be patient with us; we are working diligently on calculating these credits for students who will have vacated the residence halls by the March 30 deadline.

Our primary concern continues to be the health and wellness of our students and staff. We are committed to providing students and families the most accurate and timely information while recognizing the ever-changing nature of this unprecedented situation. 
For additional information, or if you have questions, please access the following resources:

Thank you all for helping us keep our community safe and healthy,

Rafael RodriguezExecutive Director

Department of Residential Life
University of Vermont