The UVM Emergency Grant Program supports students seeking immediate, one-time financial assistance due to a temporary hardship or emergency.

Since these grants are intended for immediate needs, applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Students: Access the UVM Emergency Grant Application


This program was created to provide all UVM degree-seeking students access to a simple application for emergency grant assistance. Grant funding is made possible by the generosity of several donors. Continued donations to this program are necessary for its continuation.

The UVM Emergency Grant Program is currently supported through the following gifted funds:

Students who need assistance should directly apply through the emergency grant application.

  • The Cope Family Fund - Created by Paula Oppenheim Cope '75, M.Ed. '83, this fund provides emergency assistance to students in need, with a focus on students who are involved in UVM Rescue, UVM ROTC or UVM Hillel (not to the exclusion of any other students).
  • Dr. Barbara Rouleau Student Emergency Fund in Nursing - Created by Raymond Rouleau, Jr., this fund provides emergency assistance to Nursing students in need.
  • Meezan & Brittenback Fund - Created by Dr. Meezan and Mr. Brittenback, this fund provides support, in part, for students who are at risk of having to leave the University due to financial circumstances.
  • Mosaic Center Fund - The Mosaic Center utilizes its general gift fund, in part, to support students in need who are connected with the center.
  • Student Life Emergency Fund - Created by a confidential donor, this fund is intended to provide grants to students who are experiencing an unforeseen financial emergency or life event which will prevent them from continuing their education at UVM.
  • UVM Emergency Grant Fund - Sponsored by Student Financial Services and supported by the Office of Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, this fund was established to jump start the UVM Emergency Grant Program, making available the option for degree seeking students to apply for consideration for one-time grants when faced with unexpected hardships or emergencies.


How can you help support our Catamount students when they are most in need?

If you are able to make a donation, your generosity may be the support a student needs to be able to remain at UVM, to access food, housing or other basic needs, or to address an unexpected financial emergency. We know from experience that an unexpected expense of even $100 can cause enough hardship to derail a students education or force them to make a choice between eating or paying utility bills. The Catamount community at large must work to ensure that no student is left unsupported when faced with an unexpected financial hardship or emergency situation. Please give today to ensure that the UVM Emergency Grant Program will be available for all current and future Catamounts in their time of need.