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Student Login: links student to myUVM to access their student records, view billing and financial aid information, and make electronic payments.

Alumni Login: links student to myUVM alumni page to access your academic records, personal information (update your address), or account information (view your account & billing information or make an electronic payment).

Proxy Access Login: use this link if your student has set you up with account and billing or financial aid access as a Proxy. (If you cannot remember your PIN, please use the 'Forgot PIN' button from the login page, or contact your student to have them reset your PIN). Through this login you will also be able to set up and view your monthly payment plan, adjust your plan, and more.

Guest Payer Login: use this link if you wish to make a payment on a student account but have not been set up as a Proxy by the student. If you are helping to support the student, please have the student set you up with Proxy access. The student is the only one who can set up an individual as a Proxy. UVM retirees can also use this login to pay their benefit premiums (PDF).