Orange barAre you unable to register, check your grades, or order transcripts?

There may be a hold on your student record. Login to myUVM, and click on "View Holds" in the Registration section to check your account.

FH - Financial Hold

A financial hold is used when a student has not settled their financial obligations in a timely manner. Students with a financial hold will need to pay their account in full before the hold can be removed.

Understanding how a financial hold impacts you

Can I still go to my classes?

Yes, even with a financial hold you should still attend the classes you have signed up for.

Can I change my classes?

With a financial hold you may not add courses - however, you are still allowed to drop courses through the end of the drop period. If you receive a scholarship or financial aid, and are considering dropping a course, you should email SFS. Changes in the number of credits you are taking may affect your financial aid or scholarship eligibility.

Can I still move into my residence hall?

If you are registered full-time for the semester a financial hold will not prevent you from moving into your residence hall.

Can I still submit my housing contract?

A financial hold does not prevent you from being able to submit your housing contract.

Can I view my grades?

With a financial hold you will be unable to view your grades.

Can I get my transcripts?

With a financial hold you will be unable to request your transcript.

IH - Insurance Decision Hold

An insurance decision hold is placed on accounts for students who are required to have adequate health insurance. The University sends out an email communication requesting that students supply the University with their insurance decision. Students that do not complete the online insurance decision will be administratively enrolled in the University's insurance and billed for the coverage on their student account.

The IH hold will remain on the account until a decision is completed online. If the student has sufficient coverage they can supply their information online and then the hold and charge will immediately be removed. Students who do not have their own coverage must accept the insurance online before the hold will be removed. For information about the insurance and access to the Insurance Decision Form, please visit the Center for Health and Wellbeing's insurance page. For any additional questions about the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), please direct an email to the Student Health Insurance Office.

SH - Senior Hold

A senior hold is placed on graduating students who have a balance due. This hold blocks access to grades and transcripts. Students with a senior hold will need to pay their account in full before the hold can be removed.

LE - Loan Exit Interview Hold

A loan exit hold is used when a student must complete an online exit interview through ECSI.

CA - Collections Account Hold

A collections account hold is used when an account has become delinquent and is being collected by our internal collections office. Students with this hold should call 802-656-4345.

WH - Write Off Hold

See CA - Collection Account Hold listed above for information.

IM - Immunization Requirement Hold

An immunization hold means that the student has not supplied the University with their immunization records. Additional questions regarding immunization compliance for undergraduates can be emailed to the CHWB Student Health Services.

LD- Loans Delinquent Hold

A loans delinquent hold indicates that the student has become delinquent on their repayment of student loans adminsitered by UVM. Students with this hold should call 802-656-4345.

AR - Accounts Receivable Hold

An accounts receivable hold is placed on past due Summer Session balances. This hold blocks access to grades and transcripts.