What is the Divisional Diversity Library?

The Divisional Diversity Library is a collection of nearly 300 diversity and higher education themed films and books. A list of the resources contained in the library can be downloaded here. These resources are available for loan to staff and graduate assistants in the Division of Student Affairs. Many of the resources selected for the library are recommendations made by staff in the division and cover a wide range of diversity-related topics.


What is in the Diversity Library

A full list of the Diversity Library (XLS)

Why do we have a Divisional Diversity Library?

The Division of Student Affairs deeply values diversity and multicultural competency. This library is one avenue for helping employees in the division deepen their awareness, knowledge, and skills in the areas of diversity and multicultural competency by making a wide selection of materials available to all of our employees.

Where is the Divisional Diversity Library?

The Diversity Library is located in the Dean of Students Office (Nicholson House, 41 South Prospect Street on the 3rd floor). Please note that Nicholson House is a historic building that does not have an elevator.

How do I borrow items in the Divisional Diversity Library?

Materials can be checked out for up to 2 weeks at a time. You (or a divisional staff member on your behalf) can check out items by coming to the library in Nicholson House. If you need assistance with accessing materials in the library, please contact the Dean of Students Office at 802-656-3380.

How do I recommend resources to add to the Divisional Diversity Library?

We welcome recommendations for new materials from staff in the division. Recommendations can be sent to the Dean of Students Office.