New Peer Educator Program Seeks to Address Interpersonal Violence at UVM and Beyond

The PIVOT Program (Preventing Interpersonal Violence via Outreach and Training) will prepare students to serve as leaders dedicated to reducing gender-based and sexual violence throughout UVM's campus.
UVM Professor Jennifer Demers

Effectively preventing sexual and other forms of interpersonal violence involves a comprehensive approach. To start, this may include teaching healthy relationship skills, challenging social norms, giving bystanders ways to intervene, and enhancing support for survivors when violence occurs. This spring at UVM, Public Health Sciences professor and interpersonal violence expert Jennifer Demers...

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A photo collection of Claire Evans left Anna Hilton right with a backdrop of a hospital hallway

Networking on UVM Connect

Students across UVM and across the country are encouraged to put their academic skills to the test in the real world through internships, service learning, job shadows and others. But finding those real-world opportunities can be challenging.

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Recent first-gen graduate Nerida Williams celebrating graduation by her garage door

Navigating College as a First-Gen Student

Recent UVM graduate Nerida Williams had a very busy summer. From graduating to applying to grad school, to interning at REACH Prep, to now serving as a UVM resident director, Nerida’s always been focused on supporting the people and community around her.

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