Past Awardees

VTSGC Graduate Research Fellowships 2017-2018


Degree Program Department Advisor Project Title
Brandon Ackley PhD Chemistry Rory Waterman Polymer Precursors for Ceramics in 3-D Printing
Brittany Carroll PhD Cellular, Molecular & Biomedical Sciences Sylvie Doublie A structural look at an enzyme that protects DNA from ionizing radiation damage
Malayika Cincotta MS Geology Julia Perdrial Soil Aggregates: What role do they play in the generation of dissolved organic carbon?
Robert Farrell  MS Mechanical Engineering Dryver Huston & Mander Dewoolkar Traction and sinkage on rotating wheelson Martian soil simulant
David Hinckley PhD Mechanical Engineering Darren Hitt Satellite Formation Optimization for Imaging and Sensing Applications about Small Celestial Bodies
Allison Hrycik PhD Biology Jason Stockwell Combining satellite and in situ measurements to understand winter severity andsummer algal blooms
Jimmy Jamison MS Electrical Engineering Jeffrey Frolik Measurement, modeling and mitigation of wireless channels within and about a spacecraft
Jason Pearl PhD Mechanical Engineering William Louisos &  Darren Hitt Hybrid gravity models for asteroids with heterogeneous density distributions
Leslie Sepaniac PhD Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Jason Stumpff Different Mechanisms of Micronucleus Formation and Impact to Genomic Stability