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Notice of Availability During the COVID-19 Protocol

During the 2021 spring semeseter and according to UVM’s implementation of the COVID-19 protocol, our Center for Student Conduct will continue its work (hearings, panels, scheduled meetings) remotely. Our staff remain accessible to you via remote means until further notice.  We will be checking our voicemail and e-mail Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  Please feel free to leave a message, though email may be the most efficient means to reach us. You may contact your hearing officer directly via our staff web page or use our general e-mail: sconduct@uvm.edu.  Thank you for your cooperation during the pandemic crisis.

Revised Sanctioning for COVID Related Violations

As announced on February 25, 2021, we are at a critical moment in stemming the spread of COVID-19, and the increasing number of variants, in our own community, in large part due to apparent lapses in following the Green and Gold Promise. As a result, to enable us all to remain on campus and offer an in-person semester, alleged violations of the Green and Gold Promise related to student gatherings, failure to social distance, refusal to wear a mask, and other behaviors that pose a heightened health and safety risk will be reviewed for suspension.  This sanction is not automatic, and when mitigating circumstances warrant, sanctions may include restricted access to campus and a shift to remote engagement (subject to course modality), a fine, probation, appropriate reflection exercises, and/or parental and academic unit notifications. Students will be provided notice of the allegations in advance of a hearing, have an opportunity to share their side of the incident during the hearing, and, after a decision, students may avail themselves of a formal appeal process.

Specific to COVID-19 testing, as of March 1, students are now required to test twice weekly, three days apart until March 13. Students receive notifications and reminders related to testing requirements. Sanctions for a first missed test will result in a $250 fine and a probationary status with the Center for Student Conduct through the duration of the pandemic. A second missed test, or failure to test after the initial notice, will result in a review for suspension through the hearing process detailed in the Code of Student Conduct. First missed test sanctions are administratively imposed, without a hearing, and subject to appeal.

Now is not the time to let our defenses down but rather to recommit even more strongly to our shared goal of another successful semester. The risks presented at this time are incredibly high.

Conduct Implications for Violations
of the Green and Gold Promise

The Center for Student Conduct seeks to foster student accountability and skill development in the areas of conflict resolution, dialogue, identity development and restorative practices. In doing so, we hope to help students develop self-awareness, and ultimately become more responsible, respectful, and engaged members of our community. For Faculty | For Families

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