Student Conduct Incident Report

A Student Conduct Incident Report documents potential violations of University policy [PDF], including the Alcohol, Cannabis, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use policy [PDF] for students, and those listed to the right. If you have witnessed an incident which you believe has violated University policy, please fill out and submit an incident form. You can do this on-line or by contacting the Center for Student Conduct, Police Services, or a Residence Hall Staff Member. Residential Life staff will assist you by taking a report for concerning conduct that has occurred on campus.

Submit an Online Incident Report

Please realize that your report, including your name, will become available to the respondent during any resulting conduct meeting.

Should you have any questions about this matter or the student conduct process, please contact the Center for Student Conduct at (802) 656-4360 or stop by our office at Nicholson House, 41 South Prospect Street (next to Waterman).


Academic Integrity Referral Form

If you are a UVM faculty member and would think you might need to initiate the process by which we adjudicate alleged violations of the  UVM Code of Academic Integrity [PDF], please begin with our Faculty Information page and determine if you would like to submit a referral. 

If you are not a UVM faculty member and feel you have an obligation to report suspected violations of the UVM Code of Academic Integrity [PDF], please contact the Center for Student Conduct at (802) 656-4360 or stop by our office at Nicholson House, 41 South Prospect Street (next to Waterman), to begin a conversation with the Assistant Director for Academic Integrity.

Tips for Writing an Incident Report

The Basics:

  • Complete the incident report within 24 hours of the occurrence.
  • Write the report in the 3rd Person ("Instructor stated ..." "The student responded ...")
  • Remain objective. State facts and avoid emotional impact or judgement. You may still describe impact of behavior based on observations of the surrounding community (learning environment was stalled for 5 minutes, other students backed away from the conflict, etc.)
  • Proofread and edit your report prior to submission.
  • If applicable, include photos or other supporting documents. Encourage other witnesses to submit additional objectively written statements that you can attach to the report.

When Writing the Report:

  • Who: Include the first and last name of all parties involved. Indicate the role the individual played in the incident (is the named person the individual engaged with the concerning behavior or is this person a witness?).
  • What: Describe in detail what happened. Be specific. State what you saw and what you heard. Do not make assumptions about what you think occurred. Avoid using generalizations.
  • Where: Provide the exact location of the incident (Building name, Room name/number, etc.)
  • When: Include the date and time that the incident occurred.​