Lake Champlain

Mission and Program Description

The mission of the Conflict Intervention Program is to help on-campus students constructively address differences by providing opportunities to engage in dialogue that promotes accountability, mutual responsibility, self-reflection, effective listening, creative thinking, and ultimately, new understanding.

Avenues for addressing conflict include

  • mediation
  • conflict coaching
  • group facilitation
  • training

Goals Include:

  • Developing the ability to understand one's own patterns of conflict engagement while recognizing the variety of conflict styles (compromise, cooperation, collaboration, and consensus building) that exist.
  • Helping students recognize the positive opportunities that can be presented by engaging in conflict productively.
  • Fostering active listening skills to facilitate understanding.

For more information or if you are a student, staff, or faculty with specific questions, please us. Phone: (802) 656-4360.

  • Conflict Mediation

    Interested in Conflict Mediation?

    We offer mediation for UVM students. Also view our page on Social Justice Mediation for more information on how to request mediation for yourself or to refer students for mediation.

    Education and Outreach

    Interested in having a CSC staff member present a workshop on conflict intervention? Contact us to schedule a presentation.

    Below is an example of a presentation we offer for students, including student clubs and organizations, academic classes, and student leadership trainings.

    Who You Are and How You Are in Conflict: This workshop allows students to learn about different modes (styles) of conflict, assess your own mode of conflict, and learn helpful approaches when addressing conflict.

    Conflict Coaching

    Conflict coaching can be used to assist students in addressing conflict they are currently experience or to help manage a conflict that may arise in the future. Conflict coaching occurs individually and does not require all parties in conflict to participate. Interested in working one-on-one with a conflict coach to learn skills and techniques to address conflict? Contact us to schedule an appointment.