Tuition & Financial Support

Tuition & Fees Details

From the Student Financial Services Graduate college tuition website:

Master of Professional Science in Leadership for Sustainability (MPS)

  • Out-of-State Resident Rate: $1,100 per credit
  • Vermont Resident Rate: standard Vermont resident rate

For a detailed description of tuition and fees please reach out to Lauren Akin (  You can also visit the Student Financial Services page by clicking here and scrolling down to the menu item: "Graduate Programs with Alternate Pricing" for a detailed account of tuition and comprehensive fees associated with the Master's in Leadership for Sustainability at UVM (note that 30 credits are required to graduate).  Please contact us with any questions!

Financial Support

Graduate students in the MLS program have secured funding to offset tuition costs in a variety of ways.  Generally funding has come in the form of these six categories:

MLS Scholarship Opportunities

The Rubenstein School makes every effort to work with students to make their graduate education financially affordable. All admissions decisions are made without regard to financial need or ability to pay. Both merit-based and need-based financial support are available through a variety of sources, as well as a multicultural scholarship supporting diversity and inclusion. Financial support in the form of professional development and/or tuition remission funds may also be available through your employer and/or organizational partner.The Masters in Leadership for Sustainability program has funding for the following scholarships with multiple award recipients each year:

Deadlines for MLS Scholarships: We encourage you to apply for the scholarships at the same time you apply to the program. We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis for Fall 2021. The next round of review will begin on March 15th.

External Scholarship Opportunities

Our students have also received many external scholarship/fellowships including the Ashoka Fellowship, Robert Fullwood Johnson Foundation Fellowship, Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility.  A compiled list of relevant external scholarships/fellowships can be found here.

Direct Project Funding & Grants

Some MLS students have applied for grants, private gifts, and even crowd-sourced support to support their Masters Project (which also benefits their organization/community).  Some of this funding has supported travel and direct costs of project work, while other funding has supported students’ time and even tuition costs.  In some cases, students have used their project to do significant fundraising for their own home community/organization.

Organizational Support

Many MLS students receive financial support from their home organization that can include tuition remission and other direct costs.  Many organizations recognize that this 2-year program will directly benefit the organization.  Some students have also designed projects that have led to partnerships with organizations who are willing to fund students for the completion of their Masters project.

Financial Aid

UVM’s Student Financial Services Center provides support to graduate students to explore traditional financial aid opportunities (in the form of loans, work study, etc.)

Work support/income

Unlike residential programs that are intended for full-time students who must give up their professional employment, the MLS Program is designed as a “low-residency” program that can be completed while students work full-time.  The low-residency model allows us to offer a reduced tuition rate.  Some MLS students are able to contribute to their tuition costs through income or professional development funds from their professional employment.


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