The Real Food Working Group is a multi-stakeholder group responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Real Food Campus Commitment.


The Real Food Working Group includes UVM students, faculty, staff, administration, and representatives from UVM Dining.

Working Group Members (2018-2019 academic year)


  • Betsy McGavisk (Student Co-Chair)
  • Taran Wise (Student Co-Chair)
  • Ariane Goldsmith
  • Andre Paul
  • Bridget Dorsey
  • Eva Kinnebrew
  • Lauren Berkley
  • Mackenzie Bolas
  • Mikayla Humiston
  • Laura Jennings (Calculator Intern)
  • Ann Chiarenzelli (Dining Fellow)
  • Devon Johnson (Research Fellow)
  • Lauren Giammarella (Independent Study Intern)
  • Reem Bou-Nacklie (Independent Study Intern)


  • Mattie Alpaugh (Nutrition and Food Sciences; RFWG Staff Advisor)


  • Marissa Watson (Sustainability Manager)
  • Annie Rowell (Sodexo VT First Coordinator)
  • Armand Lundie (Executive Chef at University Marche)
  • Brandon Williams (Campus Excutive Chef)


  • Sylvia Geiger (Nutrition and Food Sciences)
  • Alie Sarhanis (Food Systems)