Quantitative and Evolutionary STEM Training (QuEST) Program for Doctoral Students

We are seeking trainees passionate about developing tools for pressing environmental and global health problems. Does this sound like you?

This graduate training program introduces:

  • A strong understanding of core concepts in evolution, ecology, and epidemiology

  • Exposure to contemporary, real-world topics where modeling and predicting system disturbances are crucial

  • Skill development for hypothesis and experimental design, and interdisciplinary teamwork and communications training

Application Details

Step 1: Connect with participating faculty to explore the Interest Group Networks in your area of research interest and discuss the QuEST Traineeship. Here is a suggestion for an introductory email (docx).

Step 2: Apply to the respective academic unit's Ph.D. program through UVM's Graduate College by the specified deadline. Application deadlines vary by Ph.D. program beginning December 1 to February 15.

Step 3: Complete and submit a QuEST online application to apply for a traineeship. Or download the application using Adobe (PDF) or Word (docx). Email the completed application to quest@uvm.edu. Applications received by January 15 will be given highest priority.

For questions, please email April Berteau, QuEST Program Coordinator. 

QuEST Leadership and The University of Vermont are especially interested in students who contribute to the inclusion, diversity, and excellence of the academic environment both professionally and personally.

Students from diverse educational backgrounds (e.g., biology, mathematics, and computer science, agricultural, environmental, and health sciences, STEM education) and work-life experiences (e.g. community college, extracurricular, volunteerism), women, LGBTQ, and first-generation college, veterans, and individuals with disabilities, and underrepresented racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic and cultural groups are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Made possible by a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship grant to the University of Vermont.