• Nomination deadline - February 17. The nomination packet (below) must be submitted electronically as a single bookmarked PDF document to Jennifer.Diaz@uvm.edu.
  • Eligibility - Nominees must hold a full-time faculty appointment at the University of Vermont at the rank of Professor, and must have held faculty status at the University for a minimum of 10 years. Exceptions to this 10-year rule can be made to recruit and/or retain highly qualified faculty who meet all other UDP expectations.
  • Nomination materials - Nominations may be submitted by Deans, Chairs and full-time faculty of the University. The nomination packet is to include:

    (a) A nomination letter addressing the nominee’s unique qualifications for this distinguished title, with attention not only to his or her reputation and scholarly achievement but to the ways in which these contributions have proven transformative. Nominators are invited to respond to the question: “But for this individual, what would not have happened?” A strong nomination also speaks to the individual's adherence to Our Common Ground and commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion at UVM and in their profession.

    (b) Two letters from external references addressing the points described in (a) above. These need not be ‘arm’s length’ but must be from individuals of appropriately high standing in their respective fields. Solicitation of external references is to be handled by the nominator.

    (c) The nominee’s current CV.

Please note that the nomination packet is restricted to the materials enumerated above. Additional materials will be returned to the nominator.

A nominator may request re-activation of a nomination packet during the subsequent two nomination cycles by submitting a statement regarding the basis for the re-nomination by the March deadline.

  • Appointment - Nominations are reviewed by the Office of the Provost and a committee of Univsrsity Distinguished Professors. Appointments as University Distinguished Professor are awarded by the Provost.