It is University policy that positions are filled through a search process. There are, however, situations when a search may not be required. Such hires ("Target of Opportunity" or "Recruitment Waiver") are to be considered business decisions made for the good of the University and are at the discretion of the Provost (or designee). Examples of these situations include, but are not limited to, a visiting appointment; an interim appointment; a short-term appointment in the case of unexpected leaves, resignations, separations, illness, death, or enrollment needs.

Initiation and Authorization

To initiate and seek authorization for a Target of Opportunity/Recruitment Waiver Hire, the unit must generate a requisition in PeopleAdmin for review by the Office of Financial Analysis and Budgeting (FAB) and authorization from the Office of the Provost. This electronic requisition must be approved by the Dean's Office, FAB, and the Office of the Provost before any further action is taken.

Appointment Paperwork

After the Opportunity Hire has been approved, the following appointment paperwork must be prepared:

  • Appointment Letter
    • Draft appointment letters that deviate from the approved templates must be reviewed by Faculty Services prior to obtaining signature
  • Personnel Action Set-Up Form
  • Salary Distribution Form
  • Addressed Envelope

Once the approved appointment letter has been signed by the Chair and Dean, route it and the above materials to Human Resources (HR). HR will forward the materials to the Provost's Office - Faculty Services for review and signature by the Provost.

Accepted Offer

When the candidate has signed the appointment letter and returned it to the Dean, the Dean should forward a copy to Faculty Services.

Last updated 9/1/2015