Recruitment Authorization and Initiation

Requests for the recruitment of non-tenure-track (NTT) faculty positions must be submitted to the appropriate Dean for approval at the unit level. If the position is approved at the unit level, the unit must generate a requisition in PeopleAdmin for review by the Office of Financial Analysis and Budgeting and authorization from the Office of the Provost. This electronic requisition must be approved by the Dean's Office, FAB, and the Office of the Provost before any further action is taken.

The following informational links will help complete the requisition:

Special Note: Effective 1/1/2010, with the exception of the College of Medicine, candidates must apply for faculty positions ONLY through PeopleAdmin. Paper applications will not be accepted. In addition, Campus Interview Authorizations and Appointment Authorizations may ONLY be filed through PeopleAdmin.

Diversity Recruitment Plan

The unit is expected to employ the strategies identified in its Diversity Recruitment Plan to recruit candidates and to bring the position to the attention of a diverse population of scholars.

Search Committee Training

Consistent with the October 27, 2009 Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Guidelines for Hiring Faculty, Administrators, and Staff, members of the search committee must participate in educational programs related to a strategic search process, best practices and innovations in determining qualifications, selection, and retention. The Search Committee Chair should contact AAEO to discuss the sort of NTT position under recruitment (lecturer, clinical, library, extension, etc.) to determine and schedule the necessary training.

First Phase of the Search

The dossiers of candidates should contain at a minimum their letter of application and vita. Other required items such as letters of recommendation, graduate transcripts, teaching materials, and samples of scholarship may vary by unit and, if a unit chooses to use these features, in PeopleAdmin they can be uploaded electronically as part of the application process. Candidates in creative or performing arts may send other appropriate evidence of their work. When possible and appropriate, search committees may use telephone or teleconferencing interviewing and opportunities at professional meetings to help screen applicants.

Interviewing at Professional Meetings

Interviews at professional meetings are not required, and do not require the advance approval of the Provost. Before the meeting, the Search Committee should review the Guidelines for Interviewing at Professional Meetings.

Campus Interview Authorization

Interviews for the purpose of screening candidates do not require authorization (examples of screening interviews may include airport interviews, interviews at professional meetings, and phone interviews). Interviews conducted for the purpose of the final hiring determination do require authorization. In most, but not all cases, these interviews take place on campus.

Campus interviews require the advance approval of the Dean and the Office of the Provost. Before inviting candidates to campus, the unit must complete the Campus Interview Authorization tab in PeopleAdmin and forward it for approval. Units should not proceed with campus interview plans until the Campus Interview Authorization routed in PeopleAdmin has been approved. It is suggested that candidates meet with the following:

  • Search Committee
  • Department Chair or Equivalent
  • Dean or Associate Dean
  • Department, School or Unit Members
  • Individuals beyond the department/hiring unit with related educational/outreach/research/professional interests
  • Individuals who represent the broader University and Burlington community to help the candidate appreciate the less tangible factors influencing quality of life
  • When appropriate, community stakeholders in the field

International/Non-American Citizen Candidates

If the hiring unit is aware (on the basis of a candidate's self-identification), that any candidates for a campus interview are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, the hiring unit should inform the Office of International Education.

Appointment Authorization

Before an offer is extended to a candidate, the unit must complete the Appointment Authorization tab in PeopleAdmin and forward it for approval by the Dean and the Office of the Provost. Units should not proceed with offers of employment until the Appointment Authorization routed in PeopleAdmin has been approved.

International/Non-American Citizen Finalist

If the finalist is not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, the hiring unit must immediately inform the Office of International Education so they can assist the unit and the individual with obtaining legal work authorization.

Appointment Paperwork

After appointment authorization has been received, the following appointment paperwork must be prepared:

  • Appointment Letter
    • Draft appointment letters that deviate from the approved templates must be reviewed by Faculty Services prior to obtaining signature
  • Personnel Action Set-Up Form
  • Salary Distribution Form
  • Addressed Envelope

Once the approved appointment letter has been signed by the Chair and Dean, route it and the above materials to Human Resources (HR). HR will forward the materials to the Provost's Office for review and signature by the Provost.

Accepted Offer

When the candidate has signed the appointment letter and returned it to the Dean, the Dean should forward a copy to Faculty Services.

Failed Searches

If the search is judged by the hiring unit or Provost (or designee) to have failed, it will be closed. The hiring unit must request recruitment authorization through the submission of a subsequent requisition in PeopleAdmin to recruit again in the future.

NOTE: It is University policy that positions are filled through a search process. There are, however, situations when a search may not be required. Such are to be considered business decisions made for the good of the University and are at the discretion of the Provost (or designee).

Last updated 9/1/2015