The Perkins Museum Remains Closed

New exhibits at Perkins Museum of Geology arrive several times a year. Here are some of our recent installations or soon to be displayed projects.

Pease "Champlain Thrust" painting

A 6' x 9' oil painting of the Champlain Thrust Fault was discoverd during Perkins Hall renovation in May 2019. Artist Raymond Pease was commissioned to paint the local landmark in 1934 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as part of the New Deal. The painting was adhered to the wall when the University of Vermont Department of Geology was housed in the Perkins Hall. During the 1992 renovation of Perkins Hall, the painting could not be removed and relocated, therefore, a false wall was constructed to protect and preserve the painting. After being concealed for three decades, the hidden painiting was rediscovered and will soon be on display in the Perkins Museum of Geology in Delehanty Building.

More about the Champlain Thrust painting …

Planets of the Solar System

Students in Nico Perdrial's course: Planetology created a display of "Planets of the Solar System" including the most recent research and discovery for each planet is on display now.