Getting involved in activities outside of your work and research is the one of the best ways to make new connections and have Burlington feel more like home. See below for some of the ways you can start building your international community here.

International Community Groups and Associations

UVM has many groups and associations that bring together students, scholars, and employees from different countries and cultural backgrounds.

Regionally-Focused Groups and Organizations:

Country-Specific Groups and Organizations

Identity/Role-based Groups and Organizations: 

Community Host Program

The Community Host Program matches international students, scholars, and employees with a UVM affiliate, faculty, or staff member that serves as a community mentor and friend. The goal of this program is to build connections for our international community, both at UVM and in the larger Burlington area, offering support and networking outside of academia.

The OIE does not plan any structured events for the Community Host Program; participants get to plan their own activities and determine how often they would like to meet. Activities might include getting together for coffee, attending a sporting event or backyard barbeque, or connecting over a shared hobby.

Interested scholars and employees can learn more and sign up by emailing international student and scholar advisor Sarah Denu.