University of Vermont

Graduate Program in Materials Science


Dennis Clougherty Nanomaterials, quantum systems
Adrian Del Maestro Computational condensed matter physics
Yves Dubief Computational materials science
Madalina Furis Spin-polarized electrons and magnetism in nanomaterials and quantum systems
Randall Headrick Thin films, microfabrication, X-ray and electron diffraction
Darren Hitt Micro-fluid mechanics, Bio-fluid mechanics, MEM's
James Iatridis Viscoelastic and composite materials, spinal biometrics
Valeri KotovGraphene, Quantum magnetism
Chris Landry Mesopourous materials, silicates, organometallics, HPLC
Willem Leenstra Structure and photophysics of solid state inorganic materials
Frederic Sansoz Nanomechanics, computational materials science, AFM/STM
Steven Titcomb Electrical charactaristics of thin film insulators, Sensors
Walter Varhue Plasma processing of thin film insulators, solid state electronics
Rory Waterman Synthesis of novel inorganic and organometallic systems to define new reactivity and catalysis
Junru Wu Non-destructive materials evaluation, ultrasound and optics
Jie Yang Biophysics, high resolution structural studies using AFM

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