Join an emerging field with practical applications

While the origins of materials science lie in metallurgy, today it is a highly interdisciplinary field that brings together condensed matter physicists, engineers and chemists in a quest for understanding the fundamental mechanical, electronic or thermal properties of basically all materials known to humans.

The University of Vermont's program is ideally suited for student trying to get their bearing in the promising materials science field. With 20 faculty members and 17 graduate students, our students don’t get “lost in the crowd." They develop close working relationships with world renowned scientists in multiple disciplines. The program is ideally balanced in terms of faculty and students research interests and expertise. This is reflected in the three tracks we offer: Electronic Materials, Biomaterials and Mechanics of Materials.

Professor Furis with graduate students during experimentsFaculty who are well-known experts in the field

Our faculty come from departments all over the university and are both committed educators and scientists who carry out cutting edge research. We have no less than six NSF CAREER (Faculty Early Career Development Program) awardees, five of them in the last 10 years. That means faculty advisers are dynamic and active in their research. 

Physics chair Randall Headrick advising student at a microscopeTop-notch research facilities

The University of Vermont recently completed construction of its new Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Complex. The twin buildings Discovery and Innovation are home to the chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, statistics and computer science programs. This new complex contains brand new teaching and research laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment. 

faculty and student discussing experiment with formulas and equipmentMultidisciplinary education

The diverse spectrum of classes draws on expertise from multiple departments, encouraging collaboration and giving students the opportunity to apply what they are learning to a number of different disciplines.