NameArea of Study
Dennis CloughertyNanomaterials, quantum systems
Adrian Del MaestroComputational condensed matter physics
Yves DubiefComputational materials science
Douglas FletcherLaser diagnostics of compressible flows, reacting flows, and plasmas.
Madalina FurisSpin-polarized electrons and magnetism in small molecule quantum systems
Randall HeadrickThin films, microfabrication, X-ray and electron diffraction
Valeri KotovGraphene, Quantum Magnetism
Chris LandryMesopourous materials, silicates, organometallics, HPLC
Jianing Li Multiscale modeling, protein structure and mechanism, computer-aided drug discovery, new material design
Rachel Oldinski Polymeric Materials for biological applications
Michael RuggieroTerahertz-time domain spectroscopy and quantum mechanical simulations applied to pharmaceutical solids, organic semiconductors,
Linda SchadlerMechanical, optical, and electrical behavior of nanofilled polymer composites
Frederic SansozNanomechanics, computational materials science, AFM/STM
Severin SchneebeliOrganic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, polymer chemistry
Juan VanegasMulti-scale modeling, molecular simulations, membrane biophysics, 
Rory WatermanSynthesis of novel inorganic and organometallic systems to define new reactivity and catalysis
Matthew S. WhiteOrganic electronics materials and devices
Junru WuNon-destructive materials evaluation, ultrasound and optics
Jie YangBiophysics, high resolution structural studies using AFM
Tian XiaAdvanced design technologies for multi-functional circuitry