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Graduate Program in Materials Science


For general information, see UVM's requirements for the Master of Science Degree and the Doctor of Philosophy Degree.

Masters Degree

  1. Core courses (12 credits): Students must take a mathematics course and select three courses out of the remaining five categories:

    • Thermodynamics: Chem 262, Phys265
    • Quantum Mechanics: Chem263, Phys273
    • Structure / Solid State Physics: EE366, Phys242
    • Mechanical Properties of Solids: ME252, TBD
    • Mathematics: Math272, Phys301, ME304, 1 Higher Level Math. or Stat. course (e.g., Stat 231) depending on student's background

    Attendance in materials science seminars is required. There is approximately one seminar each month during the school year and these are arranged in conjunction with the participating departments

  2. Electives (12 credits with thesis; 18 credits without thesis): Students can chose from one of two electives, bio-/polymeric materials and electronic materials. Courses other than those recommended below may be acceptable with approval of the program graduate student advisor.

    Bio-/Polymeric Materials
    Biomechanics I and II ME 207, ME 208
    Biomedical engineering ME 301
    Composite materials ME257
    Advanced engineered materials ME255
    Continuum mechanics ME336
    Polymer chemistry Chem214
    Biochemistry I and II Biochem 301, Biochem 302
    Polymer physics Phys 323
    Rheology TBD

    Electronic Materials
    Solid state materials and devices I and II EE261 and EE262
    Science and technology of integrated circuits EE266
    Solid state and semiconductor theory I and II EE365 and 366
    Thermal physics Phys 265
    Quantum mechanics II Phys362
    Advanced Dynamics Phys311
    Electromagnetism Phys214
    Electromagnetic theory Phys313
    X-ray Physics TBD

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