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Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) helps us understand and develop new approaches to improving human health by linking basic biology, clinical medicine, and community health.

Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) is a graduate-level program that accelerates the positive impacts of life-changing medical research by training professionals with a systems view of science, medicine, and human health.

Our students come from healthcare and non-healthcare backgrounds and are passionate about connecting research and data across disciplines to improve lives.  

From learning the research design process to how to write research papers and grants, our students are equipped with the skills needed to research independently and work collaboratively on interdisciplinary research teams. 

A Letter from the Director

A Letter from the Director

Welcome to UVM’s Clinical and Translational Science (CTS) graduate program! CTS is a field where the possibilities in research are endless. Our graduate programs provide the building blocks you need to propose or support research that makes a difference.

You’ll learn to design, conduct, analyze, and report clinical and translational research. While you practice your skills, you’ll hone your creativity and passion to make a positive impact.

I am a residency and fellowship-trained board-certified pharmacist investigator. I have had research funding from federal and state sources, involving ambulatory medication safety, outcomes research, and clinical quality improvement. I serve as both the Director of Clinical and Translational Science and am the Quality Scholar for the Department of Medicine.

One of my most rewarding roles is mentoring students at all levels in health services research, quality improvement, and patient safety projects.

To your success,

Amanda G. Kennedy, PharmD, BCPS
Professor of Medicine (she/her)
Director, Clinical and Translational Science
Email: amanda.kennedy@med.uvm.edu