Progress Reports

As phases of the project move toward completion, progress reports will be posted below. 

March - May 2023

At this time, key directors and managers are working on mapping validation.  As progress updates become available, they will be posted here.

February - March 2023

During this time, the team worked to develop initial job architecture with job families, sub-families, career tracks and level guides.

Preliminary mapping of current positions to new job architecture:

  • Assign Job Family: Based on job family definitions
  • Assign-Sub Family: Based on sub-family definitions within the job family
  • Assign Career Track: Based on career track definitions
  • Assign Job Level: Based on detailed descriptions for each level within the assigned career track

Career Streams & Job Families (pdf)

December 2022 - January 2023

Communication and change management strategy sessions with Mercer and UVM Steering Committee occured. A detailed communication strategy was established targeting different audiences. 

Communication & Change Management Calendar (pdf).

September 2022 - November 2022

The beginning of the project started with a formal kickoff meeting with Mercer Consulting and members of the UVM steering committee. Afterwards, five stakeholder meetings occured with campus stakeholders including senior leaders, HR, and Union leadership.  These sessions were led by Mercer and supported by the Human Resources team at UVM.  

  • 1st Stakeholder Session: President, Provost, and Academic Deans
  • 2nd Stakeholder Session: Senior Administration Leadership
  • 3rd Stakeholder Session: Human Resources
  • 4th Stakeholder Session: Union Leaders
  • 5th Stakeholder Session: Managers

Stakeholder Session Power Point Presentation (.pdf)

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