Group therapy provides a safe and trusting environment where you can gain support, share experiences and struggles, get feedback from others, and try out new skills. Research consistently shows that group therapy is an effective treatment choice for many people.

CAPS offers diverse groups that fit a range of needs.

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Most groups last 8-12 weeks, but some are shorter. This allows you to become more comfortable and build trust with the other in the group. You will know how long the group will last before it starts.

Groups are typically up to ten students with two group leaders. Group leaders are Counseling and Psychiatry counselors who guide self-exploration, give feedback, and encourage group cohesion.

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"I really enjoyed group so much that I think that it helped me not need individual therapy as much."

"This was an extremely rewarding experience. I learned a lot about myself and other students and have goals to work on after group."

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