Who are the Consultants and What Do They Do?

Graduate writing consultants work with advanced writers across UVM’s graduate degree programs. Graduate writing consultants also participate in paid training and staff development. The total time commitment per week during the semester is 6 to 10 hours. With advisor permission, most graduate students with assistantships are eligible to join the Graduate Writing Center staff.

How Are Consultants Compensated?

The pay rate for graduate writing consultants is $18 an hour. Additional benefits include eligibility for academic writing tutor certification from the College Reading and Learning Association, enhancement of your own writing skills, and experience in mentoring advanced academic writers within and beyond your academic discipline, including both native and nonnative English speakers. To learn more, read our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have additional questions, please write to gradwriting@uvm.edu.

How Do I Apply?

Please watch your email for announcements about openings or write to gradwriting@uvm.edu so we can notify you when we are accepting applications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming a Graduate Writing Consultant

Who uses the Graduate Writing Center and why?

UVM graduate students seek peer guidance for a wide range of writing and communication projects (class assignments, conference presentations, thesis proposals, and more), and they can make an appointment with the Graduate Writing Center at any stage of the writing process (brainstorming and getting started, developing and revising, editing and polishing). Whatever the discipline, project, and stage of writing, the Graduate Writing Center offers all graduate student writers the benefit of talking through ideas and strategies with a knowledgeable and caring peer.

Will I meet with graduate students only in my academic discipline? How can consultants work effectively with writers working on unfamiliar topics?

Although you may meet with students from your program, you are more likely to meet with students who are working in disciplines and academic writing styles that are new to you. You will also meet with both graduate student writers who are native English speakers and graduate student writers for whom English is a second (or third or fourth) language. Our paid training and ongoing meetings prepare you for working with advanced writers, including multilingual writers, across disciplines and also give you the chance to learn from other consultants about writing in their disciplines.

What is the overall time commitment and compensation? Is this a one- or multi-semester appointment?

All new consultants participate in training, arranged with sensitivity to their schedules, beginning the first week of their starting semester, and also participate in three to four staff development meetings each semester. Except for breaks and holidays, the Graduate Writing Center is open from the second week of the semester through the last day of classes with each consultant scheduled for up to six one-hour appointments each week. Consultants are paid $18 an hour for all training, staff meeting, and consultation hours. Graduate writing consultants commit to one semester and are eligible for renewal if they are working satisfactorily within the Graduate Writing Center’s guidelines and are in good standing with their programs. Training and consultation hours also count toward the College Reading and Learning Association’s Level I, II, and Master tutor certification.

Can I serve as a graduate writing consultant if I already have an assistantship or if I am an international student on a visa?

If your other academic obligations leave you with some free time in your schedule, you can apply for a graduate writing consultant position. But because your advisor or program director plus the Graduate College must approve this additional employment, please check with both before applying. An international student who is restricted from additional employment but who would like the professional development experience of working with the Graduate Writing Center might be eligible to gain writing center experience through an independent study. Please write to gradwriting@uvm.edu if you are interested in pursuing this option

How will my schedule be determined and where will consultations take place?

By the first week of the semester you will decide, in coordination with other consultants, what days and times you would like to be available for appointments. Most appointments, both in-person and online, are held in the Graduate Writing Center suite on the ground floor of Howe Library.

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The Graduate Writing Center offers in-person and online appointments Sundays through Fridays, with morning, afternoon, and early evening options. Check the appointment schedule for availability.

Consulting Location

Consulting Location: In-person appointments are in our suite on the ground floor of Howe Library. Online appointments are via Teams.


Consultations are FREE to current graduate students!

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