"The mission of the UVM Postdoctoral Association (UVM PDA) is to facilitate professional development, broaden the training experience, and foster a vibrant, open, and collaborative community for all Postdoctoral Scholars at UVM."

Since our last major event — "Mentorship and Communication Skills" — in September, we have so much more to report to the UVM community.

Our October social hour was a success! We have some new postdocs at UVM and our social hour provided the perfect opportunity to get to know them. We had a great time at Brennan’s Pub, where we came together as a community to catch up and discuss our research. Furthermore, our socials provide an informal stage to discuss day-to-day issues that postdocs often face. This community discussion is critical for the PDA, as we continue to hold monthly meetings to discuss short- and long-term improvements to the postdoctoral experience and plan professional development opportunities.

Early in October, UVM hosted Homecoming & Family Weekend 2019, which was packed with exciting events for alumni and family. The Postdoctoral Association sent a representative to the Graduate College Alumni Event on October 6th, which was quite a successful event. We were so happy to be able to network with UVM alumni, parents and former employees, as well as discuss postdoctoral research and the mission of the UVM PDA.

Also during Homecoming Weekend, postdocs presented their work alongside UVM graduate students at a networking and poster presentation event organized by the Career Mobility Committee. The Career Mobility Committee is a graduate student group that organizes professional development workshops and seminars for graduate students and postdocs in STEM fields — be sure to check them out.

As always, all UVM postdocs are welcome to join us! If you are a new postdoc at UVM, please reach out to us at postdocs@uvm.edu with any questions and to learn more about our events


Michelle Lynn Kloc