Collaboration in Action: UVM and USDA Researchers Align Efforts to Define Sustainability Metrics in Food Systems

UVM Food Systems Research Center Launches $3 Million USDA-Backed Project
FSRC Director Polly Ericksen addresses the Sustainability Metrics Planning grant research teams.

This month, five UVM research teams convened to embark on a collaborative, long-term project focused on studying sustainability metrics within food systems. These teams were recipients of Sustainability Metrics Planning grants, a three-year initiative totaling $3 million aimed at assessing the...

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Nurturing Future Experts: Undergraduates share their food systems research experience

This summer, the Food Systems Research Center (FSRC) funded seven outstanding undergraduate students as part the 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program, supported by UVM’s Fellowships, Opportunities, & Undergraduate Research (FOUR) office.

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Banner displaying FSRC logo, which includes a gear, fields, and a plant. Reads: The University of Vermont Food Systems Research Center(FSRC)

Announcing the FSRC PhD Fellows Class of 2023

We are very pleased to announce and feature the 2023 class of Food Systems Research Center (FSRC) PhD Fellows.

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