• A student creates art with chalk on the sidewalks outside of the Museum

  • A young student views the Museum's Asian Gallery.


K-12 visits

Depending on your class’s interests, we can create a class visit that works best for your group. We can devote time to a particular area of the class’s interest in one or more galleries, or we can have a more open-ended conversation in our Storytelling Salon about students’ responses to contemporary works about identity and social justice. We are eager to share the Museum’s work on becoming an anti-racist institution with students of all ages. Please contact flemingtours@uvm.edu for scheduling inquiries.

All class visits are free, but we ask that you schedule your visit in advance so that we know you’re coming and can advise on group size, bus parking, and other logistics.

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Tour Options

There are three options for visiting the Museum with your students:

  • One-hour guided tour: Select a tour theme from the options listed on the tour request webform
  • Two-hour Museum Workshop is a one-hour guided tour + one-hour art activity: Select a tour theme from the options listed on the tour request webform. Students will spend one hour in the galleries, followed by a one-hour art activity related to the tour’s theme in the museum education classroom.
  • Self-guided visits by teachers are welcome, but must be scheduled in advance with the Education Department.

Download our current K-12 Tours brochure (PDF)

Program fees and Chaperones

  • One-hour guided tour: $4 per student [$32 minimum for the group]
  • Two-hour Museum Workshop guided tour + art activity: $7 per student  ($63 minimum / 9 students)
  • Self-guided visit: $2 per student
  • The museum requires one chaperone for every seven students. Chaperones are admitted free of charge. There is no charge for teachers or school staff.


To schedule a visit, submit a K-12 Tour Request web form. Please submit your request at least two weeks in advance so that we can check availability of staff and spaces.
Fleming educators will then contact you to confirm scheduling, payment, and accessibility information. Any questions about scheduling or connections to standards? Send an email to flemingtours@uvm.edu or call (802) 656-0549 to speak with a Fleming educator.

Important visit information

  • The galleries can fit 18 students at one time, so larger groups will be split up to tour with multiple Fleming educators. If you have a group larger than 36 students, we recommend the self-guided tour option.
  • For students to pursue their own interests after a guided tour, schedule an extra half hour of self-guided time.
  • Students can use pencils only—no pens or art supplies—in the museum galleries.
  • There is limited space for lunch in the museum education classroom.
  • If you have questions about accessibility for your group, we will actively look to address your needs for interpreters, elevators, quiet spaces, and other needs.
  • Download a campus map for bus parking (PDF)

Contact Us:

Alice Boone, Curator of Education and Public Programs

Kristen Littlefield, Museum Educator

Phone: (802) 656-0549