• Join our new free Museum support program. Become a Flemingo!

  • Professor Randy Matory shares personal insights for a public tour of his 2017 exhibition, "Spirited Things."

  • Tibetan monks create a sand mandala in the Museum's Marble Court.

  • Professor Jane Kent shares prints from the Fleming collections with her students.

  • The fleming features a robust schedule of public programs to learn more about current exhibitions and permanent collection installations.

  • US Senator Patrick Leahy provides a personal tour of an exhibition of his photographs.


What is up with Flemingos at the Museum?

We are excited to announce a new way to be involved and support the Fleming Museum that replaces our existing membership program. The best part? It does not cost anything. Just by signing up, you and your family can become Flemingos — supporters of our Fleming Community Circle.

By becoming a Flemingo, you will be among the first to learn about our new exhibitions and events. Flemingos are invited to participate in participatory events about reimagining the Museum's future as a more relevant, inclusive and welcoming space, as shaped by the people we serve. In addition, we will be developing unique new opportunities to participate in special programs and to weigh in on important Museum decisions.

Join the Flemingos!


Frequently asked questions:

1) How much does it cost to join?
Nothing! Anyone can be a Flemingo just by signing up on the website or at the Museum during one of your visits.

2) Are there different levels of membership?
No, we’ve done away with the traditional tiered hierarchy of benefits. Every Flemingo gets the same Fleming Community Circle perks.

3) What exactly are those “perks?”

  • As a Flemingo you stay in the know about all our exhibitions, events and programs through emails and social media.
  • There will be special opportunities to participate in Museum events and weigh in on important decisions about things like art acquisitions and exhibitions
  • Flemingos support the work we are able to do including:

Free admission to the Museum for all ages

Free public programming and events

Free self-guided tours for the K-12 community

Free academic tours and object viewings to the UVM student community

  • Most importantly, Fleming Community Circle members will be an integral part of our process of institutional change as we hold listening and storytelling sessions, form focus groups, and embark on this exciting new chapter as an engaging community resource.

4) Do I need to sign up each year?
No. Once you sign-up, you’re officially a Flemingo. No need to re-join every year.

5) I don’t get it. How do you raise money if it is free?
Like many non-profits, our primary fundraising effort is the annual appeal we make to the communities we serve each year. By being more accessible and relevant in people’s lives we hope to earn your support to continue our work. We also welcome donations at the door if you feel so inclined.

6) I’m currently a Museum Member. How will my membership be transitioned to the Fleming Community Circle?
All current members will be automatically signed up in the Fleming Community Circle, and you will receive a letter in the mail with the information about the transition.

7) Will I get free admission to the museum?
We now provide free admission for all museum visitors, whether you are a Flemingo or not!

8) I’ve donated to the Museum’s Annual Appeal in the past two years. Will I be transitioned to the Fleming Community Circle?
Yes, you will be automatically signed up as a Flemingo.

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