Data Availability Name Description Objective Dates
DownloadableLong term bird monitoring in low elevation boreal habitats of the Adirondack ParkTen minute point count survey data documenting occurrence of songbirds and woodpeckers in low elevation boreal habitats in the Adirondack Park, NY. This dataset contains information from surveys conducted between 2007-2016. Official target species are American three-toed toodpecker, black-backed woodpecker, olive-sided flycatcher, yellow-bellied flycatcher, Canada jay, boreal chickadee, Tennessee warbler, Cape May warbler, bay-breasted warbler, palm warbler, Lincoln’s sparrow, and rusty blackbird, though this dataset includes information for other songbird and woodpecker species also. Methods, as well as occupancy patterns and trends for these and other species are described in Glennon (2014) and Glennon et al. (In Review). These data also contributed to the findings described in Ralston et al. (2015) and McNulty et al. (2016). 2007-05-15 to 2016-07-17