Improving On-Farm Food Safety Through Good Irrigation Practices

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Author: Sandra Jones and Rebecca Shortt
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Topic: Agricultural Water (Pre/Post Harvest)

Water is important in crop production because it is used in many activities such as irrigating, washing and cooling. Irrigation water can spread pathogens, microorganisms that cause disease in humans, such as Salmonella spp., E. coli O157:H7 and Cryptosporidium parvum (also known as "Crypto"). Every time contaminated water comes in direct contact with fruit or vegetables, there is a risk that these pathogens may be transferred to the produce.
 Testing irrigation water for pathogens and keeping water test records are good agriculture practices and an important part of an on-farm food safety planning. This Factsheet discusses the potential risks associated with irrigation water, guidelines for testing irrigation water, interpretation of test results and best management practices for preventing contamination of fruit and vegetable crops with irrigation water.



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