About the Produce Safety Portal

If you are a vegetable producer, retailer, distributor, service provider, or regulator, you will find information on this site to help you better understand produce safety issues. The University of Vermont Extension Produce Portal is a “one-stop” site for you to custom link essential informational, as well as access or contribute to a curated repository of produce safety related resources.

By searching the Portal, you can identify useful materials and follow links directly to the sources of that information. The resources in the Portal (e.g. fact sheets, case studies, photos, and much more) have been contributed by many different people in the vegetable farming community in Vermont and beyond. Resources can be added by approved account members, and are reviewed by site moderators.


You don’t need an account to search and view the resources in the Portal. Simply use one or more search tools on the mail page (e.g. type, topic, keywords). Each resource is accompanied by a detailed description and a series of keywords to help you find the most useful information to you. Simply click a resource header to view a summary, or follow the direct link to the host website for the full resource. If you have an account, you can choose to save any resources to your “favorites.”

Submitting Resources

We encourage you to create a Portal account and submit resources. To do so, you must first send an account request, which we will review and approve. Once approved, you can then log in and submit your resources. When submitting a resource, you will select an appropriate type and topic, and provide a detailed description. Be sure to use language in the title and description that others are likely to use when searching for your resource. Provide a direct link (or links) to the original online home of the resource.

Feedback and Questions

Questions about searching, creating an account, or submitting your resource? Feedback on this site? Email the Produce Safety team at hans.estrin@uvm.edu or call 802-257-7967, or give us feedback here.