Tillage radish cover crop in silage corn

Integrating cover crops into field crop production has gained interest in recent years as we discover the multitude of benefits that cover crops can provide, such as reducing nutrient and soil loss, increasing soil organic matter, suppressing weeds, serving as extra sources of livestock forage, and even as habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects. Our NWCS team has been working with farmers and other partners to conduct research and outreach on cover crops suited to our northern climates, primarily in silage corn acreage but also in other crops like cereal grains, hops, and vegetables.

Tile Drainage Webinar Series - Drainage and Doughnuts

Tile Drainage Webinar Series - Drainage and Doughnuts

View our PDF icon Tile Drainage Webinar Series - Drainage and Doughnuts (pdf). What you will learn -

  • Best management practices to use on tile acreages
  • Increase knowledge on how farmland with subsurface tile drainage may affect water quality
  • Increase knowledge about how Required Agricultural Practices (RAPs) affect the use of subsurface tile drainage
  • Learn about end-of-tile treatments


Videos and Webinar Recordings

Research Results

Visit our research results page to see reports on cover crop variety trials (including cover crop mixes), planting date and seeding rates, and cover crop termination and reduced tillage studies.

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