Flowers in gardenThe Master Gardener Course instructors are UVM faculty and Vermont horticulture professionals.

The course curriculum covers the fundamentals of home gardening focused on the plant and soil sciences, including soils and soil fertility, plant pests and disease management, fruit and vegetable production, healthy lawn management, annual and perennial culture, caring for shrubs and trees, introduction to landscape design, and invasive pest and plant control.

Content is specific to the Vermont environment and local needs so that you can put your classroom knowledge to work in your community. Busy students can choose to take the course live by following along with the deadline or complete it at their own pace if they do not want to receive either the Master Gardener certification or the Certificate of Home Horticulture. The materials remain available to students for two months after the live sessions have concluded.

We are now offering TWO TRACKS to the Extension Master Gardener course. What's the difference?

  • Track 1 is the full certification course: it includes online coursework and a 40-hour volunteer requirement.
  • Track 2 students complete the same online course, but do not need to do the volunteer hours, and cannot receive a certification. Read on to see which is right for you.
Curious about the benefits of being a certified Extension Master Gardener (EMG) Volunteer?

About Volunteer Benefits

Vermont Master Gardener Certification (Track 1)

Certified Extension Master Gardener volunteers are trained in research-based home horticulture practices and they apply this knowledge in their communities through education based volunteer efforts. Over 3,000 Vermonters have taken the Extension Master Gardener (EMG) course since the program started in 1991 and there are currently more than 560 active volunteers.

Track 1 may be right for you if you are:

  • Eager to improve your community and share your knowledge as a community educator
  • Interested in Environmental Stewardship and willing to promote environmentally safe home horticulture practices.
  • Willing to serve as Master Gardener volunteer year to year, and maintain your certification and membership dues.
  • Able to complete the 40 hours of volunteer service within 2 years of taking the course to receive Master Gardener Volunteer Certification.
  • Not interested in a professional qualification or title. You are not considered a "Master Gardener" upon course completion but rather a "Certified UVM Extension Master Gardener Volunteer," or EMG.

Track 1 Fee: $425 (i.e. $32 per module)

Track 1 Requirements:

  1. Complete the online course: fourteen live online Q&A sessions with instructors, an online course guide, and additional course materials. 
  2. Students enrolled in this course must be self-motivated and able to spend at least 3 hours each week to complete assignments, quizzes, watching lectures and participating in Q&A sessions using a video conferencing system
  3. Participate in a 40-hour hands-on volunteer internship in your local area to earn certification as a Vermont Master Gardener volunteer. This could involve giving home gardening talks/demonstrations to local groups, writing newspaper columns on home gardening topics, staffing exhibits at fairs or farmers’ markets or participating in any number of Vermont Master Gardener service projects in your community. 

Track 1 Benefits:

  • Receive a course completion letter and intern badge upon completing all course requirements
  • Receive a Certified Vermont Master Gardener badge and certificate upon completion and reporting of 40 volunteer internship hours by end of the annual term
  • Receive the benefits of learning from other Master Gardeners and giving back to your community
  • Receive the benefit of joining our Master Gardener membership network that includes over 500 volunteers, and give you access to a number of special offers and educational opportunities.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Vermont Certificate of Home Horticulture (Track 2)

Complete this track if you are interested in the course content and if you do not intend to become a Certified Master Gardener volunteer. For Track 2, no Master Gardener Volunteer Certification is awarded, there is no hands-on volunteer service required, and you are not able to use the title “Certified Master Gardener Volunteer”.

Track 2 may be right for you if you are:

  • Not a Vermont resident 
  • Working full time and/or don't have time to volunteer
  • Working in a field related to gardening and want to learn more about the science of gardening.
  • Interested in gardening for your own knowledge that you plan to apply to your own gardening projects.
  • You are not comfortable teaching others about gardening
  • You are interested in a professional qualification. You can use the" Vermont Certificate of Home Horticulture" as a professional qualification on a resume. 

Track 2 Fee: $475 (i.e. $36 per module)

Track 2 Requirements:

  1. Complete the online course: thirteen live online Q&A sessions with instructors, an online course guide, and additional course materials. 
  2. Students enrolled in this course must be self-motivated and able to spend at least 3 hours each week to complete assignments, quizzes, watching lectures and participating in Q&A sessions using a video conferencing system.

Track 2 Benefits:

  • Receive a Vermont Certificate of Home Horticulture, which implies participation in the training only. You will not become a “UVM Extension Master Gardener Volunteer”
  • Since the Certificate of Home Horticulture does not imply that the holder is representing the University of Vermont Extension system as a volunteer, it may be used for marketing purposes and on your resume.

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Scholarship Opportunities

Volunteer 40 Hours - Share your knowledge (for Track 1)

A volunteer internship is a way for you to apply your classroom knowledge to real needs in your community through hands-on experience. To complete your volunteer internship, you'll:

  • Work under the direction of your local Extension Master Gardener Chapter and Certified EMG Volunteers on approved local projects
  • The Member Support Coordinator in your region will coach and support your efforts, helping you to determine how to use your time most effectively
  • Have 2 years to complete your initial 40 volunteer hours.

Examples of volunteer work include staffing educational exhibits at local events and libraries, conducting community workshops, writing a column for your local paper, working on established EMG garden projects, or serving on your local chapter's steering committee.

About Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Projects

Is An Online Course Right for You?

Scholarship Opportunities

Learn about scholarship opportunities.

2019 Course Content

Each of the online course modules will require students to read assigned chapters from the course manual, watch a pre-recorded lecture, post 1 discussion question, attend or watch the live Q&A sessions, and offer module feedback. 

The online courses are offered statewide through the eXtenion campus website.

The text for this course is the "Sustainable Gardening Manual" from the University of Rhode Island. This training manual is currently used throughout New England Extension programs to train Master Gardener students. It reflects our northeast growing conditions and the national goals of the Master Gardener program. This text is provided as a pdf document. We do not print or mail the manual, but you may do this yourself at a local printing company.

The live Q&A sessions are held using Zoom video conferencing. These sessions will allow students to interact with on-screen faculty to ask questions, while course lectures are provided as video recordings. The Q&A sessions are also archived.

The basic course outline is as follows:

  •  Course Introduction
  •  Basic Botany, Amy Ivy, Cornell University 
  • Soil Science and Composting, Wendy Sue Harper, Consultant and former UVM Lecturer
  • Introduction to Plant Pathology, Ann Hazelrigg, UVM Lecturer & Extension Instructor
  • Entomology, Victor Izzo, UVM Instructor
  • Vegetable Gardening, Rebecca Madden, UVM Extension - Vegetable Nutrient Management
  • Growing Berries in VermontVern Grubinger, UVM Extension - Vegetable & Berry Specialist
  • Fruit Trees and Pruning, Terry Bradshaw, UVM Research Associate
  • Annuals and Perennials, Amy Ivy, Cornell University
  • Healthy Lawn Care, Weed Biology and Management, Sid Bosworth, UVM Extension Professor
  • Sustainable Landscape Design, Judith Irven, Private Landscape Designer, Outdoor Spaces
  • Landscaping for Pollinators, Jane Sorensen, UVM Adjunct Faculty Lecturer
  • Native and Invasive Plants in Vermont, Rose Paul, VT Dept. of Forests, Parks, and Recreation – Invasive Plants Coordinator
  • Woody Trees and Shrubs, Elise Schadler, UVM Extension-VT Urban & Community Forestry – Technical Assistance Coordinator
  • Reaching and Teaching Others, Beret Halverson, UVM Extension Master Gardener Program Coordinator
  • Final Assignments (Exam and Survey)

Refunds & Accommodations

Refund Policy

We cannot offer refunds if you log into the website and access the course materials. 


Anyone requiring a disability-related accommodation to participate should contact Beret Halverson @ or 802-656-1777 by December 21, 2018.



For more information, call the Extension Master Gardener administrative office at (802) 656-9562 or email

For information about local EMG Volunteer Chapters & Projects:

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Register by January 16, 2019

January 18 - May 10, 2019

Online Coursework 

Thursdays, 6-7pm

Scholarship Opportunities

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Don't Take Our Word for it!

Feedback from our 2018 Participants:

I thought it was great. Learned a lot and looking forward to using this information in the future.

I am pleased with what I have learned and am glad to have been able to do the course work on my own schedule.

This course was extremely informative and helpful. I look forward to applying a lot of my new knowledge to my home gardening, professional life at a plant/seed company, and as a volunteer. Thank you!

I enjoyed the class immensely, thought it was very well organized & increased my knowledge of gardening greatly. I particularly enjoyed the ease of taking the course on-line.

I loved this course! It is super accessible for those with a busy schedule! I'm sad it's over, the wealth of new knowledge every week will be missed.

A very well organized course. Thank you for all of the information provided. Thanks again for all the hard effort that went into the organization and delivery of the course content.

The course was great and I learned a lot of useful and important information that I can directly apply to my gardening and property management techniques.

This is an exceptional course. Really enjoyed and appreciated the spirit and love of gardening/nature and our protecting our landscape.