The Governance, Risk and Compliance Group (GRCG) includes UVM's General Counsel, Director of Compliance Services & Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Information Officer, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Director of Risk Management, and Chief Internal Auditor. As a matter of routine operations, members of the GRCG interact on a regular basis. Formally, the group meets annually: on the risk assessment year, the GRCG meets to kick-off the risk assessment cycle and on the off-year, the GRCG meets to discuss strategy and status of open risks. Throughout the year, GRCG members discuss risks to ensure continual coordination and communication among these various functions and offices, each of whom play a role in helping the institution to manage risk. The group identifies potential risk areas for assessment, coordinates workplans, and coordinates communications about institutional risks and opportunities. Outside of the ERM process, the GRCG members continue to provide independent counsel, consultation, advice, reports, assessments, and assurance in accordance with their role, responsibilities, and/or charters.