The Enterprise Risk Management and Operational Compliance Committee (ERMOCC) is authorized in its duties by the President’s Advisory Committee on Enterprise Risk Management (PACERM). The Committee has no executive powers or supervisory functions. Rather, it will function in a support role to the PACERM and the Director of Compliance and Chief Privacy Officer on behalf of the entire University.


The ERMOCC is a standing committee appointed by the PACERM. The Director of Compliance Services and Chief Privacy Officer and the Director of Risk Management & Safety will serve as Co-Chairs. The Deputy General Counsel will serve as the committee’s legal counsel and the Assistant Director of Audit Services will serve as a consultant. Remaining members will be appointed based on knowledge of the University’s key risk areas (strategic, financial, compliance, operational, human capital, safety/legal liability, and reputational), a balance of academic and administrative perspectives, and leadership roles with the University.

Members (Voting)

  • Director of Compliance Services and Chief Privacy Officer (Co-Chair)
  • Director of Environmental Health & Safety (Co-Chair)
  • Director of System Administration
  • Associate Chief Human Resource Officer
  • University Controller
  • Registrar
  • Assistant Provost and Chief of Staff
  • Director, University Communications
  • Senior Associate Dean for Finance & HR, LCOM
  • Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Sports Administration
  • Business Operations Administrator, Vice Provost and Dean of Students Office
  • Director of Risk Management
  • Director of Operations, Research
  • Executive Director of Facilities Management
  • Information Security Officer
  • Director, International Education Services
  • Director for Student Financial Services
  • Research Compliance Officer
  • Assistant Director and Information Security Officer, LCOM
  • Executive Director for Research Administration
  • Academic Unit Business Manager

Consultants (non-voting)

  • Assistant Director, Office of Audit Services

Committee Counsel (non-voting)

  • Deputy General Counsel

Support Staff

  • Executive Assistant to the Chief Safety & Compliance Officer
  • Compliance Specialist


During the review year, the Committee will meet at least quarterly and more frequently if deemed necessary, especially during program implementation. The Committee will meet at least once during the off year, more often if needed. The Committee may form sub-committees to facilitate its work. Non-members may be invited to attend Committee meetings.


Roles and Responsibilities