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Environmental Program, in collaboration with the Mosaic Center, is launching its inaugural Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Summer Awards.

The Environmental Program is soon to celebrate its 50th anniversary here at the University of Vermont, making it one of the oldest programs dedicated to the study of the environment in the United States. It has long been known that environmental issues innately intersect with justice issues and success in meeting our biggest challenges often requires the integration of multiple justice frameworks.

Explicitly recognizing this intersection between our environmental and justice challenges facing the world today - the Environmental Program in collaboration with the Mosaic Center is launching its inaugural Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Summer Awards. We aim to offer three awards this summer carrying a $3500 stipend and $500 for expenses.  

These fellowships will support students working on environmental research, projects or activism that advance equity, diversity and justice either in their thematic work or the makeup of their teams.

Who can apply?
Any UVM undergraduate who will still be enrolled as a full time student in the Fall semester 2021 can apply. The goal is to support student experiences, and expenses, on summer-long activities in the thematic space – linking environmental issues with justice, equity, diversity and inclusion frames.

What types of work can be funded?
The goal of the Justice, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Summer Awards is to further the integration of JEDI issues within environmental fields. Proposals could range from connecting undergraduate students with graduate students or faculty who will collaborate, mentor and/or oversee the JEDI-environmental research; solo or group projects advancing such integration; to supporting new initiatives and groups on campus aiming to further work in these fields on campus and beyond.

Students should submit their proposal as outlined here via the application portal by April 9th.

Awards will be announced by May 1.


Applications due April 9
Selection decision announced May 1 
Summer - Work conducted
Report submitted by Sept 15


Application Process

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