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Conflict of Interest/Conflict of Commitment

COI/COC Disclosure Training for Covered Persons [opens in a new window]

COI/COC Training For Reviewers, Part I

COI/COC Training For Reviewers, Part II


New Employee Orientation

Modules 1-3

Modules 4-6

Individual Modules:

Code of Conduct Introduction & Basics
Code of Conduct Sesame Street Parody
Reporting & Non-Retaliation
Reporting Only
The HelpLine
Conflict of Interest
Safeguarding Protected Data
Use of Assets & Conclusion



Protecting Privacy During Coronavirus

Safeguarding NPPD During Remote Work


Training Modules

Handling Non-Public Protected Data (NPPD)


What Is NPPD?

What Regulations Cover UVM's NPPD?

What Can We Learn from HIPAA?

Can vs. Should

How Should I Apply This To My Day-To-Day Work?

What Could Happen If I Don’t?



HIPAA for Business Associates Training

HIPAA for Business Associates Introduction

What Is HIPAA?

What Is PHI?

What Is A Covered Entity?

What Is A Business Associate?

What Is The HiTech Act?

How Does the Privacy Rule Apply To Me?

How Does The Security Rule Apply To Me?

What Am I Supposed To Do?

What Could Happen If I Don't?