Senior Lecturer and Director of the SLPA Professional Certificate Program and SLP Pre-Master's Track Program through Professional and Continuing Education

Dr. Darin Woolpert is a senior lecturer and director of the Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program at UVM. He has taught courses on a broad array of topics but primarily on language development, language disorders, and cultural and linguistic diversity. His research focuses on spoken language predictors of literacy development in bilingual (Spanish-English) children.

Dr. Woolpert has worked clinically as a bilingual speech-language pathologist in a few elementary schools, conducting assessments and providing treatment in both Spanish and English. He is also interested in international education, especially with regard to speech-language pathology programs in Central and South America.


  • Woolpert, D. (2019). Investigating the relationship between narrative microstructure and reading comprehension. Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development, 7(3), 91-109.
  • Woolpert, D. (2019). The impact of Spanish on the English text processing of dual-language learners. TESOL Quarterly, 53(1), 221-232.
  • Woolpert, D. (2016). Doing more with less: The impact of vocabulary on dual-language learners’ writing. Reading and Writing, 29(9), 1865-1887.
  • Woolpert, D. & Reilly, J. (2016). Investigating the extent of neuroplasticity: Written discourse in children with perinatal stroke. Neurosychologia, 89, 105-118.

Associations and Affiliations

  • ASHA Special Interest Group 14 (Cultural and Linguistic Diversity)
  • ASHA Special Interest Group 17 (Global Issues)
UVM Darin Woolpert

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Literacy development in bilingual children, cross-linguistic activation in bilingual children, reading comprehension, written expression, narrative development, perinatal stroke, developmental language disorder, child language assessment, cultural and linguistic diversity, evidence-based practice


  • Ph.D., Language and Communicative Disorders, San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego
  • M.A., San Diego State University
  • B.A., English and Theatre, Drew University


Office Location:

Dr. Woolpert works remotely from California and does not have dedicated office space in the department.