Faith Verkin Yacubian: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Professoriate and the Embodiment of Epistemic Coloniality/Whiteness: A Call for a Contemplative Approach to Academic Freedom (2020-5-26)

Yacubian, Faith Verkin | Via Microsoft Teams | 2020-5-26 | 11:30am

Education in higher education in the United States has largely been influenced by colonial discourse. Archetypes of the academy, namely the professoriate, reflect and inhabit traces of Western or European schools of thought and colonial genealogy.

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Loren Bowley Dow: More than a Scholarship: College and Career Outcomes of Mitchell Institute Promise Scholars (2020-5-15)

The transition into and out of higher education is challenging for first-generation college students from limited income backgrounds. Though educational attainment gaps between low and high-income students are present, students from low-income households can and do earn college degrees with access to appropriate resources.

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Alison K. Howe: Exploring Intersectional Typologies of (Dis)advantage in United States Medical School Applicants (2020-4-29)

Increasing diversity in the medical workforce is necessary to address public health needs and reduce health disparities, particularly in low-income and minority communities.

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