Event Report

  • Please send summaries and invitations used to describe the event to both participants and the general public. (For example, written letters to potential participants that describe the event are often very helpful)
  • Graphics used to promote the event
  • Provide any significant reporting numbers (number of participants, schools, businesses, etc.)
  • If you are a student or student club who participated in this event, please note awards won
  • Overview of participants (winners, partners, etc.)
  • Notable sponsors
  • A quote from an organizer and/or participant that describes the success of the event or a highlight
  • Photos from the event

Written Story

  • Story Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author

The story should be 500 - 750 words.

Content recommendations:
  • When writing about research and student accomplishments, explain the bigger picture to the audience. How will the work described benefit humankind, human health or the environment?
  • Provide a quote from a project lead and/or department chair
  • How might the story relate to research or active learning?

What are other distinguishing factors about the project:

  • Does it show curriculum rigor? Collaboration? Successful results from a competition?
  • Please reference UVM and CEMS programs, grants, and entities when possible. Is it a CEMS program like REU? Is it an alumnus funded program? A federal grant? A new UVM initiative?
  • Mention your department and associated degrees
  • When writing about students include degree and for undergraduates, graduation year
  • How can other students participate?  What about the program would be appealing to prospective students and their parents?

Please also submit a Photo Request Form if you are not providing photos for this story.

Thank You!