Tell us about your objectives so we can understand your needs. After you submit the form, our team will contact you to plan with you on how to best reach your target audience and to discuss the next steps.

Special projects like videos and new print materials take time to develop. If you are interested in a new project please keep the following time commitments in mind as we will require your assistance when:

  • Developing questions for those we interview
  • Identifying and notifying interview subjects
  • Availability the day of a video shoot
  • Communicating internally with your department or program about the project
  • Editing and review process

Learn more: Typical Project Timeline and Guide for Meeting Deadlines


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Some questions to think about before filling out your request:

  • What do you want your audience to do as a result of this project?
  • What resources do you have to carry out of the project?
  • How will you evaluate your success?
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