Mechanical engineering spans the broadest spectrum of engineering activities — from concept and design, through manufacturing and maintenance of all kinds of products and systems.

Nearly all objects created by humans have some mechanical engineering input, from a streamlined skateboard to an advanced spacecraft, an artificial heart or a miniature robot. Mechanical engineers design and build machines and devices of all types. The Mechanical Engineering Program provides a modern mechanical engineering education with focus in engineering decision-making; foundations of mathematics, physical science, engineering science and design; and an appreciation of societal impact of engineering practice. The curriculum, which culminates with the senior design project, gives students a background that can be immediately applied to an engineering career or expanded by more advanced education in other engineering or diverse other fields. Many UVM engineering graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees in fields such as law, medicine and business administration, as well as more advanced study in engineering. Explore mechanical engineering.

Meet the Faculty

New Lab to Focus on Improving Robotic Capability in Natural Terrains

Assistant Professor Laura Treers will join the ME faculty in August 2024. Her lab at UVM will continue her post-doctoral research at the intersection of robotics, physics, and comparative biomechanics. Learn more >>



Explore the value of our Accelerated Masters Program

AMPs expose current undergraduate engineering students to engineering research early, CEMS offers four accelerated MS degree programs: in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, and Mechanical Engineering.


ASME Human Powered Vehicle

Promoting access to professional organizations

We're the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, with 130,000+ members in 151 countries. Promoting engineering and allied sciences around the globe. Check us out on Facebook!


Alternative Energy Racing Organization (AERO)

We are a student run group that works for the advocacy, research, and development of alternative energy drive systems. 

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Baja Race

Friendly competition raises the bar for student skills

Baja is an international collegiate competition series hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Senior Experience in Engineering Design (SEED):  Addressing big problems in small groups

Seniors in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (EBE) and Mechanical Engineering programs work in teams to address complex and multidisciplinary problems through a SEED Project. SEED projects originate from companies, non-profits, faculty members and students. Visit the SEED Project page to learn more about previous projects and how you participate in the program as a student, faculty or Project Sponsor.

Learn more about the SEED Program