• UVM’s College of Arts and Sciences Welcomes its New School of the Arts

     It’s one thing to have strong programs in Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, Art History, Creative Writing, and Film and Television Studies. It’s another thing altogether for these programs to exist together within a single creative hub led by world-class, award-winning faculty dedicated to nurturing the artistic voices of the future. 

  • UVM Students and Faculty Develop New Organic Photonic Technology

    Physics professor, Matthew White,  and his team of students describe a never-before-done technology in an article published this fall that could have implications for screens and other devices that create, change or detect light. Read More.

  • Disaster Expert  Studies the Impact of COVID

    Alice Fothergill is a sociologist who focuses on disaster research and most recently turned her attention to COVID-19. Read more.


  • Snapchat & The Supreme Court; New Book Tells the Story of Free Speech

    Earlier this year a high school student ripped her school on Snapchat because she did not make the varsity cheerleading squad. In response the school cut her from the team.  Is what the student said protected under the First Amendment? Read More.

  • Arts in Action: A new semester long program in the largest class room in the world: New York City

    Arts in Action is a signature new program of the College of Arts & Sciences to allow students to spend a semester in New York City. Read More. 


    *Photo credit: Anna Watts*
  • The Class Inside the Statehouse

    “This isn't a typical classroom,” said Anthony “Jack” Gierzynski, director of the Vermont Legislative Research Service (VLRS) — a hands-on class and policy research shop serving Vermont’s civic legislators — “and students don’t do typical research papers.” Read More.

  • Art Professor Film to Premiere at Berlin International Film Festival

    The Berlin International Film Festival recently selected “North By Current,” a genre busting experiential documentary by UVM’s Madsen Minax for inclusion in the film festival’s prestigious summer line up. Read More.

  • Putting the Welcome Sign Back up: A new approach to refugees

    Welcoming and settling refugees in the United States is the right thing to do for a number of reasons, argues Pablo Bose, an urban geographer and migration studies scholar at the University of Vermont. Read More.

  • Civil Society in Real Time: Former UVM President Teaches Class on Impeachment

    Just as the new spring semester gets underway, so does one of the most historic trials in U.S. history: the second impeachment trial of former President Donald J. Trump. Read More.

  • Leading through teaching: Rory Waterman

    Close your eyes and picture yourself seated in a chemistry classroom, poised for notetaking. You’re probably expecting a lecture filled with complex diagrams, however today’s class is different. Read More.

  • Poetry of Resistance

    Tina Escaja is compelled by resistance. It’s a way of life that has manifested itself in her latest book, Resistencia: Poems of Protest and Revolution, which she co-edited with Mark Eisner. Read more

  • UVM Geology Professor leads new $3.2M study of Earths’ Critical Zone

    Julia Perdrial is putting Earth science at UVM on the map. In 2020, she and her interdisciplinary team won a $3.2 million dollar grant to study earth’s Critical Zone from the National Science Foundation. Read More

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