We are 100 faculty members strong.

Faculty members teaching in the neuroscience program are based in departments across campus to promote interdisciplinary education including  psychological science, biology, and communication sciences, and some COM departments.

All of the faculty listed below teach one or more of the undergraduate advanced neuroscience classes. Explore their curriculum vitae and descriptions of their research interests on their departmental faculty profiles.

Dr. Alicia Ebert, Associate Professor BiologyAlicia.Ebert@uvm.edu(802) 656-0458
Dr. Bryan Ballif, ProfessorBiologyBryan.Ballif@uvm.edu(802) 656-1389
Dr. Michael Cannizzaro, Associate ProfessorCommunication Sciences and DisordersMichael.Cannizzaro@uvm.edu(802) 656-9725
Dr. William Falls, ProfessorPsychological ScienceWilliam.Falls@uvm.edu(802) 656-5748
Dr. John Green, ProfessorPsychological ScienceJohn.Green@uvm.edu(802) 656-4163
Dr. Molly Stanley (Interim Associate Director)BiologyMolly.Stanley@uvm.edu802-656-4086
Dr. Sayamwong 'Jom' Hammack, Professor, (Interim Director)Psychological ScienceSayamwong.Hammack@uvm.edu(802) 656-1041
Dr. Travis ToddPsychological ScienceTravis.Todd@uvm.edu802-656-4149
Dr. Donna Toufexis, Associate ProfessorPsychological ScienceDonna.Toufexis@uvm.edu(802) 656-3497

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