Germany and Russia each possess a rich cultural heritage, and their languages are among the most commonly spoken in the world. As a student in our department you will move from the basics of the language through grammar, composition and conversation, to investigation of literary texts and media.

Why study German and Russian at UVM?

  • Courses in UVM's Department of German and Russian Studies investigate important connections between history, society, culture, and language in the region.
  • Small class sizes lead to a lively, interactive learning environment, fostering an engaging atmosphere that leads to strong academic progress.
  • Faculty members become your mentors, sometimes for life.

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On Proverbs ... Wolfgang Mieder, Professor of German and Folklore, Renowned Proverb Expert


Studying German opens the door to a rich literary, philosophical and artistic tradition. At the same time, German language skills will deepen your understanding of the important cultural, economic and political developments in central Europe today.


Our program provides comprehensive instruction in Russian language, culture and literature. Students of Russian at UVM pursue courses in Russian language, literature, and culture over four years of campus study. There is a strong demand for Russian-speaking professionals in a variety of fields including public service, law, business and journalism.


Our department also offers two years of Hebrew instruction—two semesters of elementary Hebrew and two semesters of intermediate Hebrew. UVM offers several other related programs including a