Analyzing the way race and ethnicity are constructed and articulated

Students in the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Program learn to deconstruct the way race and ethnicity are constructed and articulated in the U.S. and abroad. An individually designed major in CRES includes courses on the study of race and ethnicity in a transnational and global context.

Our faculty consist of a dynamic group of scholars who study race and ethnicity through many disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches including English, sociology, religion, political science, social work, education, health, and more.

Evolving Course Offerings

Bailey-Howe library

Course offerings are enriched every semester by a vigorous schedule of lectures and performances by nationally and internationally acclaimed writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers and scholars. 

A Versatile Minor


A critical race and ethnic studies minor is an excellent complement to any major in the College of Arts and Sciences, or another college in the university. In a world characterized by diversity and interconnectedness, an understanding of race and ethnicity gives you an advantage in any career setting.

An undergraduate minor in critical race and ethnic studies may lead to continued work in ethnic studies, but is also excellent preparation for graduate work in history, sociology, English, Anthropology, and American cultures. Graduates our program have found work in primary and secondary education, journalism, publishing and community service. UVM Career Services is here to help in the quest for a career.