Emeritus Associate Professor of Economics

Dr. Woolf joined the Economics Department at UVM in 1980 after receiving his Ph.D. in economics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. He received his undergraduate education from Cornell University, where he majored in American history. He was interested in both economics and history and wrote his dissertation in economic history, examining the impact of electrification on U.S. manufacturing in the early twentieth century.


Recent Research

  • "A River Divides It: A Comparative Analysis of Retailing in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire," (ms.) 2001.
  • "Finances: Taxation", in Vermont State Government Since 1965, Michael Sherman (ed.), University of Vermont, 1999, pp. 157-171.
  • "The Economics, and Economic Analysis, of Boom and Bust," in The Fiscal Crisis in the States: Lessons From the Northeast, Charles Colgan and Joseph Slavet (eds.), Edmund S. Muskie Institute of Public Affairs, University of Southern Maine (1993), pp. 11-42.
  • "The Cost of Home Ownership in Vermont: 1975-1990," New England Journal of Public Policy, Fall/Winter 1992, pp. 67-90.
  • "The Skills Economists Need in Government," in Educating Economists, David Colander and Reuven Brenner (eds.), University of Michigan Press (1992), pp. 201-210.


Associations and Affiliations

In 1988, Dr. Woolf took a leave of absence from UVM and began a three-year stint as State Economist for Governor Madeleine Kunin, where he learned first hand about how to apply economic principles to public policy issues. When he returned to UVM in 1991, his research interests broadened to include public policy analysis, especially focused on state and local government. He spent a lot of time trying to explain economy to non economists. During the 1990s he wrote a regular column for Vermont Magazine and is currently editor of the monthly The Vermont Economy Newsletter.

In 1999 he started The Vermont Council on Economic Education, an organization that helps Vermont teachers in grades K-12 integrate economics in their curriculum. He works closely with the Council for Economic Education. Their website is at www.councilforeconed.org.

Arthur Woolf, Associate Professor of Economics

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

American Economic history, the Vermont economy, and state and local public policy.


  • Ph.D., Economics; University of Wisconsin, 1980