• Read Professor Emerita Elaine McCrate's expert take on labor market issues here.

  • graduating seniors in their summer finest with the chair of economics in full regalia

    Congratulations Graduates!

    College of Arts and Sciences Senior Awards ceremony held May 19, 2023 honored economics majors William Stanbury, Emma Cripps, Jonathan Kaplan, Ellie Churchill, and Skyler Ayers pictured with Professor Sara Solnick, economics chairperson.

  • Honorees smiling for the camera on their special day

    Economics Honors and Awards Ceremony on April 27, 2023 in John Dewey Lounge, Old Mill.

    Some of the honorees and thesis presenters in attendance were Emma Cripps, Skyler Ayers, Ryan Tan, Nate Hohenberg, Nicholas Kebo, Melisa Uyar, Ellie Churchill, Ivy Stanton, and Zachary Miller.

  • economics graduates on stage with professor Shirley Gideon


    Economics Honorees, from left to right: Jane Krohn (Gersten Award), Mia Dillon (Lohman Award), Oliver Tidswell (Saltus Award), Fallon Clark (Converse Award), Simon Webber (Department Honors) with Associate Professor of Economics, Shirley Gedeon

  • Emily standing in front of a Mongolian dormitory.

    Professor Emily Beam visited Mongolia in March 2023 for a field study on dormitory infrastructure improvements in western Mongolia.

Economics is about more than numbers. It is a human-oriented subject, exploring how people allocate and utilize resources on an individual and collective basis.

As an economics major at UVM, you will study a broad array of topics which bear directly on human welfare, including economic growth and development, unemployment, the relationship between the environment and the economy, international trade, technological change, the role of race and gender in the economy, and poverty and the distribution of income.

A degree in economics is great preparation for a career in just about any field. Our graduates have an impressive track record of success in graduate school placement and careers in government, marketing, sales, finance, and research.


A Degree of Opportunity

As an economics major, you will be prepared for a broad range of career and post-graduate options. Recent UVM alumni in our program have gone on to advanced study in:

  • economics
  • law
  • business
  • public affairs

The majority of majors enter job market directly upon graduation and launched careers in such fields as:

  • financial services
  • management
  • marketing and research

Learn more about careers in economics

Economics Honors and Awards

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Our Teaching Mission

The economics department is devoted to equipping students with a deep understanding of the modern economy and the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to put that knowledge to work. Our approach exposes you to the rich variety of schools of thought within economics, and to the lively debates happening within the economics profession. You can meet some of our expert scholar teachers on our economics faculty page.

Expand Your Toolbox

We help you develop expertise in the complete range of tools used to analyze economic issues including:

  • quantitative empirical analysis and modeling
  • historical and institutional analysis
  • conceptual analysis

You’ll learn how to use these tools in evaluation of policy solutions to real-world economic problems like:

  • regulation of monopolies
  • gender and racial discrimination in labor and capital markets
  • environmental protection

The skills and knowledge base you acquire in economics are relevant to almost any field, any profession. Learn more about the B.A. and B.S. degree options in our department.

Why UVM?

  • Because classes are taught by faculty members and not graduate students, you’ll be exposed to the energy and ideas of leading thinkers and doers in the field. Faculty members become your mentors during your career at UVM—very often these relationships continue well after graduation.
  • We prepare first-year students with the building blocks to academic success through introductory seminars including one in the Integrated Social Sciences Program and several in the First-Year Seminars
  • Senior seminars, with an average of 18 students, include a research project that serves as the capstone of your undergraduate economics education.